Fayose Accuses President of Nigeria again

The Governor of Ekiti state Gov. Ayo Fayose has accused President Muhammed Buhari of the Federal republic of Nigeria of trying to make Nigeria an Islamic country.

Gov. Fayose made the accusations when delivering a speech at the thanksgiving held in Port-Harcourt to celebrate the victory of the Rivers State Governor,Mr. Nyesom Wike after the supreme court ruling. Governor Fayose, who referred to himself as
Peter from the bible , the rock who cannot be harmed by anyone, announced to the crowd that he had a secret to reveal. He asked those present if he should reveal the big secret about the new Buhari-led, APC government. After the crowd yelled that he should reveal it, Fayose said: “They have started subtle moves to make Nigeria an Islamic nation, but God will stop them. This was done in 1984, it failed, it would fail again.” To underline an earlier boast that he could not be intimidated by the ruling party, Fayose further stated: “I am not far away, I am in Ekiti. I am Ayo Fayose, Peter the rock, if you hit me you will be in trouble. If I hit you, you will be in trouble.” To debase his claim about the President’s plan to make Nigeria an Islamic nation, Fayose said: “Why did five of them go to Saudi Arabia to wait for our man there (referring to President Buhari and other state governors), if they don’t have agenda. “The agenda is coming small small, but we will resist it. Nigeria is a free nation where we proclaim the name of Jesus Christ freely, and for those who are muslims we believe in Allah. This nation will not be taken for an Islamic nation,” Fayose said. As a closing remark, the Ekiti State governor went on to declare and “decree” the return of a PDP-led government in 2019.
May God Help Nigeria