.The honourable commissioner for sports, teens and public protection in imo nation, leader tony rodney ajaelu took to fb to relate his ordeal inside the hands of sars operatives.

the commissioner said he became robbed and harrased regardless of the reality that he identified himself and all his valuables taken away.

study his story under...

good a aspect that the ig of police has stated he was going to reorganize the sars dept of the police after collection of innocent residents who went thru hell inside the fingers of those sars officials started shouting out. today i and my sports colleague journeying to lagos for ag assembly of the nigeria cricket federation become robbed via those so referred to as sars officials alongside asaba to benin expressway.

the cp of edo ought to investigate this rely and discover this organization of police officers who retain to shame the police pressure. for 2hrs we have been held hostage with handcuffs not minding that i diagnosed myself as a commissioner in imo state. every money observed on us and in our baggage had been taken, my wrist watch was taken, my pepper spray changed into taken, other valuables had been taken too.

so commonly at some stage in this ordeal weapons were corked and we were told that they may shoot us useless and nothing will appear. our phones have been taken away from us, in order that we can not make any call, the place was so lonely and they forced us to park where their hidden car turned into parked. a brown camry written police through the 2 aspects of it. from that point had been we're, you will no longer see a passing car technique until it vooms past. you will consider when they ultimately advised us to head and that i reminded the one they have been calling commander that we had no other cash with us, the six of them began debating how a lot have to accept to us, after approximately 10minutes one delivered three,500 out of over 40,000 they took.

as we had been still with the only who delivered the money, another officer got here with an additional 1,500 and delivered. we have been now been forced to power off. even when we noticed that oil changed into losing from our vehicle and desired to check. they refused and informed us to visit somewhere else and do the repairs. if at my stage and status, i got such remedy, i'm wondering what our harmless citizens are seeing accessible. ig sir, pls some of those bad eggs need to be carefully removed from the police force to bring sanity. nigeria need to be higher.