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One of my secrets in life is that I'm a person of deep gratitude. For me I believe that gratitude is a spirit. And if you don't have that spirit you are wrong.

At a friend's party I attended last month with another friend. There I was asked to be in charge of cutting the cake into smaller portions and sharing to all. I did just that and after everyone had gotten, the two people that helped to share round while I cut it came to request I give them a bigger share for the job they did; but their approach was totally different. The lady came complaining how she had to 

put her child down to be able to serve. I wanted to ask her if I begged her to, but I just cut some and dismissed her because I just couldn't stand her. On the other hand the other person a guy comes and starts praising me. First he asked if I'm from their community and I said no. Then, he thanked me so well for been fair and nice to them. He said some things that I found very amusing. He said if I was a car I would be Ferrari, if I was a land I would be site, he went on and on until I just cut a very big portion and gave him just to shut him off. I kept laughing, not because I've not heard those words before. I just said to myself this guy can get favour from God and man because he has the formula. My other friend was just shocked that I was tripping, but truth be told I wasn't. I just admired that attribute I noticed in him.

Then, on Friday at government house here in Abia State I got enlightened about something. I was among the press and protocol people that welcomed the Ooni of Ife with the Governor to the State. I noticed something significant, he had his praise singers chanting at intervals. They never stopped praising him until he spoke and left. I said 'Wowu'. Look, if mere Kings would have praise singers following them everywhere, then it speaks volume. If you are going to be very successful, you must intentionally cultivate gratitude as your lifestyle. No one person likes people who complain from pillar to post. God Himself can't even bless anyone who's ungrateful.
Be grateful for all you have, all you are expecting and then some.


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